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Plugin packages

Common Plugins

This package contains common general purpose plugins, as well as basic handlers to manipulate simple messages.


  • DistributionSimpleMessage A simple message which contains only a set of properties. This kind of message is useful to transport data (stored in its properties) or to act as a control message to signal other nodes.



  • PassthroughHandler A handler that simply returns the same message sent to it.
  • SimpleMessageCreator This handler ignores the message it receives and returns one or more messages of the DistributionSimpleMessage class.

Email Plugins

The plugins in this package are designed to perform different tasks related to Internet mail. This includes the process of retrieving and sending email messages, editing them, write them to files and more.

Most email plugins work on an Internet Mail Message object, which must be stored in a property of the input message. By default, mail plugins use the 'mail' property to store them.


  • CommonFunctions Functions related to email and helper functions to manipulate some of the message properties.


List Plugins

The plugins in the list package are designed to help in Internet mailing lists creation.

Logging Plugins


  • GeneralInfoLogComponent The GeneralInfoLogComponents dumps a series of general performance data when distribution process ends. This includes the number of messages that each node processed and the amount of time that each node took.

Data Plugins

DB Plugins

Database plugins allow accessing relational databases.

Custom and Third Party Plugins

Remember that distribution has a pluggable architecture that allows users to easily add new features to the processes.

To develop your own plugins visit the Extending Distribution Guide.

Also, Third-Party plugins may be avaliable in the Internet. Below are listed the ones for we have notices to the date. Please drop us an email if you have published or know of a distribution plugin not listed here.

  • There are no known third party plugins at the moment